Code breaker
Click on the date to play the game, see the daily story information and find the active markers. All the sites are live from 25 November but they only become active (code goes live), from the date of that episode.

25th November

25th Nov

Live show New

26th November

26th Nov

2018-11-26 New

27th November

27th Nov

2018-11-27 New

28th November

28th Nov

2018-11-28 New

29th November

29th Nov

2018-11-29 New

30th November

30th Nov

2018-11-30 New

1st December

1st Dec

2018-12-01 New

2nd December

2nd Dec

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3rd December

3rd Dec

2018-12-03 New

4th December

4th Dec

2018-12-04 New

5th December

5th Dec

2018-12-05 New

6th December

6th Dec

2018-12-06 New

7th December

7th Dec

2018-12-07 New

8th December

8th Dec

2018-12-08 New

9th December

9th Dec

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10th December

10th Dec

2018-12-10 New

11th December

11th Dec

2018-12-11 New

12th December

12th Dec

2018-12-12 New

13th December

13th Dec

2018-12-13 New

14th December

14th Dec

2018-12-14 New

15th December

15th Dec

2018-12-15 New

16th December

16th Dec

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17th December

17th Dec

2018-12-17 New

18th December

18th Dec

2018-12-18 New

19th December

19th Dec

2018-12-19 New

20th December

20th Dec

2018-12-20 New

21st December

21st Dec

2018-12-21 New

22nd December

22nd Dec

2018-12-22 New

23rd December

23rd Dec

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