Get ready

Please be careful, REMAIN AWARE of your surroundings whilst enjoying the experience.

Whilst you play REVEAL, remember to STAY SAFE and if you are trying to find the hidden codes, go out with with a friend. The experience is suitable for children of ages 7 years and above but we recommend that children/young people are accompanied by an adult. Children/young people means anyone under the age of 18.

CHARGE YOUR PHONE AND ACTIVATE GPS (location) to search for the markers. Each marker is a square with the letter ‘R’ inside it (see picture above). Instructions on how to test the markers at home are below.

Pop-up shop

If you need any help you can visit the REVEAL POP-UP SHOP at 10 Norfolk Street, King’s Lynn where you can try out using augmented reality on your phone, get help, pick up a Code Breaker leaflet and much more. The opening times are 12 noon to 4pm on weekdays and 11am to 4pm on weekends from Saturday 24 November until Friday 04 January, except for 25 and 26 December and 01 January when the shop will be closed.

Go on a REVEAL tour

You can also GO ON A REVEAL TOUR. You will hear all about the project from one of the Producers and tour the projection sites and markers with one of the team. Tours will take place on Sundays 02, 09, 16, and 23rd December at 2pm, beginning at the REVEAL pop-up shop. Numbers are limited so it’s a good idea to book in advance. To sign up, go to the REVEAL pop-up shop.

To test at home

  1. Go to on your home PC or tablet
  2. Print out the marker or display on your home PC or tablet
  3. Go to on your smart phone
  4. Allow your phone to access the camera
  5. Hold your phone over the marker and you will see the augmented reality
  6. If your phone works on the test, it will work when you find the hidden codes across King’s Lynn and West Norfolk

To find out how to play REVEAL, go to How to Play