How to play

  1. YOUR PHONE: REVEAL uses a mobile web app, so there’s no need to download an app, just run it in your web browser. REVEAL works on iPhones and Android phones. Ideally you will have iOS 11 or higher (enabling augmented reality) and Android phones with version 8 (Oreo) or higher but REVEAL may work on older devices.
  2. DATA: REVEAL will use some of your data plan but you can explore the clues at home before you set out. The augmented reality clues are small files, no bigger than 100 kilobytes
  3. MARKERS: You will find these markers within the sites. All of the REVEAL sites are code from 25 November 2018, 4pm but they become active (go 'code live'), you can find the days code there, from the date of that EPISODE. Look closely. As you approach the site, you may hear sound and the voice of Margaret of Antioch. She is your helper on the quest.
  4. CODES: The reveals are issued each day and the marker sites will become ‘code live’. This means you can harvest the codes and they will be stored on your phone. If you are using the printed REVEAL Code Breaker, add the corresponding sticker to the REVEAL date.
  5. CRACKING THE CODE: As your phone cache (storage) builds up you will begin to see patterns in the colour code. If you are using the printed REVEAL Code Breaker you will begin to see patterns too. To crack the code and save King’s Lynn you need to reveal all 24 codes and make up a sentence.
  6. SHARE WHAT YOU FIND: Share your findings with other people trying to crack the code. Send screen shots from your phone to or Twitter @revealKL or instagram revealkingslynn. Remember this is a shared adventure.
  7. IF YOU CRACK THE CODE: email quoting the whole sentence to save King’s Lynn. The top 20 will appear in the Hall of Fame on this site. You can also bring your completed Code Breaker to the shop and have your photo taken to go on our Wall of Fame.